Friend, of course you already know what an energy drink is, right? Quoted from the Hello Sehat page, energy drinks are one of the drinks that are classified as health supplements to help increase energy, mental alertness, and one’s physical performance. That’s how Hello Sehat describes it.

With these good benefits, energy drinks attract many fans who consume them to support sports performance to intense routines. But actually, do you know what the main ingredients of energy drinks are?

Here are three main ingredients in energy drinks that can provide good benefits for your routine.

  1. Caffeine
    Reporting from the Hello Sehat page, caffeine is a compound known to stimulate the central nervous system, thereby increasing alertness and concentration. In addition, this compound has a role in the fat storage process to the formation of fat as fuel. This process can delay the release of glycogen in muscles which is good for supporting intense physical movement.
  2. Taurine
    Reporting from the Hello Sehat page, taurine is a compound that has the ability to increase a person’s capacity to exercise. In addition to providing resistance, taurine is also able to minimize DNA damage obtained from strenuous activities such as sports.
  3. Vitamin B Complex (Provitamin B5, B12)
    Reporting from the Hello Sehat page, vitamin B5 is a compound needed by the body for the formation of coenzyme A, alpha ketoglutarate, and pyruvate dehydrogenase oxidation, as well as fatty acid oxidation. Meanwhile, vitamin B12 helps in maintaining nerve cell function and the formation of DNA to red blood cells.

Among the three ingredients, research shows that caffeine is the compound in energy drinks that is most significant in stimulating the body and brain of the drinker. However, compounds such as taurine and vitamin B complex complement the function of energy drinks in optimizing the body’s metabolism.

It should be noted that these benefits can be obtained by consuming Red Bull every day with the recommended dosage (3 times a day), because this energy drink has these three good compounds which of course are contained in a dose according to BPOM standards.