Friend, daily activities that are full of solid routines often cause the body to become tired. This has an effect on decreasing one’s concentration. Activities that can be an alternative to restore decreased concentration can be in the form of consuming energy drinks. This is often done by people who have solid routines because it is considered practical.


Then, why energy drinks can improve concentration? Let’s see the following explanation!


One of the main ingredients in energy drinks that is believed to increase concentration is caffeine. This compound has one of the main functions of stimulating the work of the central nervous system. Which, this can help improve mental abilities, especially in alertness, accuracy, and concentration.


Some experts have also conducted research on a person’s brain activity while doing tests that require concentration. The result, participants who consumed caffeinated drinks turned out to have a more responsive brain response, compared to participants who only consumed water.


Even so, caffeine still has a daily consumption limit that needs to be considered. Caffeine can be optimally beneficial for the brain with a maximum limit of 400 mg/ day.


In Red Bull, the caffeine contained is 50 mg/can, which means this energy drink is safe for daily consumption in an effort to increase concentration as a supporter of your productivity.