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How Does It Feel to Bungee Jump From a Height of 233m? Brings You Goosebumps?

Jerome Polin is set to prove himself once again in the Red Bull Challenge! This time, the challenge comes from Satya Winnie, the winner of the Red Bull Break The Limit Challenge 2023. Winnie has challenged Jerome to undertake bungee jumping at Macau Tower, renowned as "the world's highest bungee jump spot!" Will Jerome be able to conquer this break the limit challenge and scares Winnie as well?

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Jerome Polin Action: Standing on an Airplane Wing with Extreme Temperatures!

In this episode of Red Bull Challenge, it once again shows that with courage we can beat the impossible to achieve our passion. Here comes the proof from the master of math, Jerome Polin who successfully stood on the wing of an airplane at a height of 1000 meters. In addition, drinking Red Bull prior to his take-off also became his key to stay energized while completing this challenge. Kudos to Jerome!

Curious about how Jerome Polin reacted after hovering and moving high above the sky? Watch his entire wing-walking journey in this Red Bull Challenge video, and stay tuned on Instagram @redbull.indonesia to wait for the quiz full of prizes!

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Red Bull Challenge featuring Nikita Mirzani & Baim Wong: 10.000 Feet Challenge!

Calling out all active individuals to fight fear and find their passion through Red Bull Challenge, this time the Red Bull Nation Team challenged Nikita Mirzani to face her fear of heights and skydive from 10,000 feet above the ground.

Red Bull Challenge Ep. 02 featuring Anya Geraldine & Baim Wong: Great White Shark Cage Diving!

Calling out all active individuals to fight fear and find their passion through Red Bull Challenge, here the Red Bull Nation Team challenged Anya Geraldine to fight her fear by going against a white shark with its size measured more than 5 meters in Port Lincoln, Australia.

Kratingdaeng Red Bull Challenge Bootcamp x Paspampres - EP.1 INTO THE UNKNOWN

What is it like to join the military service? Moreover, have you ever how it feels to take part in a military training of the same class as the Presidential Security Force (PASPAMPRES)? Indeed, you read that right! This is PASPAMPRES, the selected troops from various branches of special and elite units in the Indonesian National Armed Force (TNI)!

Kratingdaeng Red Bull Challenge Bootcamp Paspampres - EP.2 DO OR DIE TRYING

Ben Joshua, David Schaap, Valerie Krasnadewi, and Sabrina Sameh have had their first day of going through the long physical military training with the Presidential Security Force (Paspampres). However, their physical and mental endurance should continue to be tested on the second day of Kratingdaeng Red Bull Challenge Bootcamp. Comparable to the usual special training that Paspampres continues to do, here they have to go through 11 obstacles, shooting tests, and even build rappels at a height of more than 25 meters! What a terrific experience they have here!

Kratingdaeng Red Bull Challenge Bootcamp Paspampres - EP.3 HELL DAY

Being given a chance to participate in a military physical challenge which requires you to pass through a long, steep road in the middle of the forest?! Nothing beats the feeling of it where your adrenaline keeps getting pumped!

Red Bull Challenge: Jerome Polin Stands on an Airplane Wing at 1000 Meters Altitude?!

Red Bull Challenge is back again to call out all active individuals to beat the impossible by actualizing their passion. This time, Red Bull challenged Jerome Polin to stand on the wing of an airplane from a height of 1000 meters while going against the strong winds as well as extremely cold temperatures!

Did Jerome Polin successfully complete the Wing Walking Challenge, proving that he could do it as easy as solving mathematical formulas? Let’s keep your anticipation high and look forward to the full video of full thrilling sensation!

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