Reporting from the Klik Dokter page, Taurine is one of the amino acids that the body produces naturally. Taurine functions as a controller and balancer of body functions. Many studies have shown that taurine is able to prevent muscle fatigue and make it able to work longer.

But not only that, here are other benefits of taurine which is good for the body!

  1. Lose weight
    Taurine is able to convert fat into energy. This is suitable for those of you who are in a weight loss program. However, other supporting nutrients certainly need to be considered so that the program being undertaken is able to show optimal results.
  2. Improve Physical Performance
    In studies, taurine can reduce fatigue and make muscles work longer. In addition, taurine also reduces the risk of muscle injury. No wonder, if athletes like to consume energy drinks to maintain physical performance before exercising.


Actually getting taurine by consuming energy drinks is good to do. However, something in excess is certainly not good for health, even mineral water. Therefore, you still need to see the maximum limit for consuming taurine that the body needs. The maximum safe consumption of taurine is 2,000 mg per day.

There are many benefits that exist in taurine for your body, friend. No need to worry, in consuming a can of Red Bull, you already get enough taurine for your body at the dose recommended by experts.