Reporting from the Klik Dokter page, the National Library of Medicine or Pubmed revealed that energy drinks have a positive impact on brain function, such as improving memory, concentration, and reaction time, as well as reducing mental fatigue. Thus Klik Dokter informs.


Of course, this positive impact is very useful for those with routines that require the brain to work optimally, such as athletes, office workers, creative workers, and so on. Red Bull is present as an energy drink option that is able to provide this positive impact without side effects so it is safe to consume in reasonable quantities.


Check out the explanation regarding the content and benefits of Red Bull to improve your brain function.


  1. Caffeine

The National Institute of Health in Klik Dokter states that consuming energy drink with a dose of 500 ml, has been shown to have an effect of about 24 percent on increasing concentration and memory. Compounds that can stimulate the brain to work this way is caffeine. The daily limit recommended by Klik Dokter in consuming caffeine is as much as 400 mg/day. Thus Klik Dokter informs.


With this explanation, it can be concluded that the caffeine dose in Red Bull is not harmful and useful. Because, one bottle of Red Bull only contains 50 mg of caffeine.


  1. Sugar

Not only caffeine, quoted from the statement of dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ramadhan on the Klik Dokter page, many researchers believe that the increase in body movement and brain function is associated with the sugar content in energy drinks. Thus Klik Dokter informs.


Regarding the daily limit for consuming sugar, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia recommends a maximum dose of 50 grams/day which is equivalent to 5 to 9 teaspoons. That way, the amount of sugar in Red Bull can be said to be useful and not harmful.


With the explanation above, Red Bull can be trusted as an energy drink that is able to provide good benefits for brain performance without side effects as long as it is consumed as recommended, because anything consumed in excess amounts (including water) can certainly harm the body.