A study from Pubmed on the Klik Dokter page states that there are compounds in energy drinks that have a positive impact on muscles, such as increasing muscle strength and protecting muscles from waste, cell damage, and oxidative stress. In addition, the compounds in this drink are also able to help the process of energy formation in the body. Both of these benefits are certainly very beneficial for those who regularly exercise daily.


The following compounds in energy drinks can improve muscle performance and help the process of energy formation.


  1. Taurine as a Muscle Performance Enhancer

Quoted from the statement of dr. Devia Irine Putri on the Klik Dokter page, taurine belongs to a group of amino acids that are actually contained in the human body. However, taurine can also be found in foods and beverages, including:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • dairy products,
  • and energy drinks.

According to Pubmed, animal and human studies have shown that the compounds in energy drinks can improve muscle performance so that they can work longer and avoid cell damage.


  1. Synergy between Lysine in Optimizing Energy Metabolism

Quoted from the statement of dr. Reza Fahlevi on the Klik Dokter page, lysine belongs to amino acid group like taurine. The difference is, lysine is a type of amino acid that cannot be produced in the human body. So energy drinks can be an option as a source of lysine.

Dr. Reza Fahlevi on the page explains that lysine plays a significant role in optimizing the energy formation process by helping fat transport and metabolism. This function is why lysine is often found in energy drinks.


  1. The Role of Vitamin B Complex in Helping the Formation of Energy

In addition to taurine and lysine, energy drinks generally also contain vitamin B complex (vitamin B3, B6, provitamin B5, and vitamin B12) and vitamin B8, which also known as inositol. Reporting from the Klik Dokter page, vitamin B complex play a role in helping:

  • body metabolism,
  • prevent muscle fatigue,
  • maintain fitness.
  • control mood, stress, and depression.

According to dr. Reza Fahlevi on Klik Dokter, these vitamins do have benefits in the formation of body energy. Their ability to help improve enzyme function as well as the formation of various hormones gives them a role in converting carbohydrates and fats into energy. So that the energy produced can provide good benefits for a person’s ability to exercise.

Reporting from the Klik Dokter page, Red Bull can be an energy drink option that obtains the above compounds with natural ingredients at the recommended dosage. Thus, this drink is protected from harmful side effects and can meet BPOM standards.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Ramadhan on the Klik Dokter page recommends consuming no more than 16 ounces of energy drink/day or the equivalent of 473 ml/day. This recommendation is in line with the information stated on the Red Bull can, namely the consumption limit of three bottles a day.